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SealValue® headquarter & research center in Singapore

SealValue Europe manufactures security seals for wide range of use cases — plastic seals, metal seals, security labels & indicator seals. We have production plants operating in Singapore and Tallinn – Estonia(EU).

After humble beginnings in Helsinki, Finland, we have grown into a network of over 150 distributing partners, serving thousands of security market customers all over the world.


SealValue security seals are used all over the world

Transportation and Logistics

Oil and Gas



Food & Beverages


transportation logicstic security seals
old industry security seals
Security Seals Agriculturety
healthcare seals and security
food transportation security seals

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Why should you choose SealValue as your main security seals distributor?

SealValue is a high volume Security Seals production factory. We sell high quality security seals all over the World. Our factory is located in European Union and rapidly expanding it’s operations.

Customers value our services, products and support. SealValue security seals are made only from the high quality materials.

Fully automated manufacturing process eliminates any human errors with minimal or close to 0% defect rate. SealValue factory is ISO sertified and owns the highest AAA-credibility rating since 2010.