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SealValue Europe factory offers high tech & quality security seals directly from the production lines based in Estonia.

SealValue™ patented EU manufacturer

Top quality security seals, precise marking technologies, easy-to-use features, unlimited quatities, all by the world’s first fully automated production line.


SealValue™ is preferred security seals supplier worldwide

We have a wide range portfolio of security seals products. Our plastic seals and metal seals are used in a wide range of industries.

Our products are more functional and easy to use, as example we offer adhensive stickers to make your workflow as easy as possible.

Patented manufacturing technologies together with the most advanced materials ensure the highest possible quality of our security seal products.

SealValue™ security seals are used all over the Europe and Worldwide

SealValue’s production line is optimized for top efficiency and versatility. Our factory attracted customers from all over the world in industries such as food, banking and cash-in-transit, maritime and air and land transport, utilities, textile, chemical, agriculture, livestock and fishing, forestry, wholesale and retail, oil extraction, automotive, online sales, postal and courier services, public bodies etc.

SealValue research and development department is very important in security industry. The security market manufacturing & technology sector is particularly competitive in the field have grown rapidly and become increasingly complex.

Our team is taking care of the customer satisfaction by providing top quality services and security seals products.

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