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SealValue™ metal security seals has unique, patented marking technology, which gives a superior result. All markings on Metal Security Seals are recorded and monitored by our Quality Control Department and traceable if needed.

Bolt Metal Seal


Metal Bolt Seal specifically designed to secure containers

Ball Metal Seal


The best option for Securing trucks, containers, doors

Security Cable Metal Seal


High security Cable Seal to secure trucks, tankers, railcars, valves

Security OCTA Cable Metal Seal


Easily applied pull-up-type seal

Security CLIP Metal Seal


Metal clip seal made from tinned iron

Metal Wire for Metal Seal


Plastic coated metal

Sealvalue™ Metal Security Seals

Metal security seals from Sealvalue offer extra strength and protection. Metal seals are using galvanized steel wire cable combined with an aluminium body. High security metal seals can be used on maritime containers and truck trailers. Our Factory metal seals range includes also unique Clip Metal Seal and Ball Metal Seal.

Metal security seals: types and selection guide

Metal Cable Security Seals

Metal cable seals are designed to offer high level of security. Tensile strength will vary according to the levels and needs. All of the seals have a decorated galvanized steel wire cable. The head of the metal security seal can be customized with your company logo and other required markings. Wired seals are often used to secure transportation of the goods offering high security sealing  the containers.

Metal Ball Security Seals
Ball metal seal is the right choice for railcars, truck doors, and containers. The metal tail element is a fixed-length flat metal strap with consecutive numbering for maximum accountability. Ball Seal is suitable for most cargo containers latches and is used on variety of truck doors, railcars, tanks, trailers and containers.

Bolt Container Security Seals
Security bolt seal is used to seal the trucks and containers doors of the during transportation, transit and storage. Most common use-case for the bolt seal is in maritime, rail and road transport.

Metal Clip Security Seals
SealValue Europe metal clip seals are used for durability and reliability to seal tightly. Its unique design and strength make it ideal for unusual sealing applications where plastic gaskets are damaged. Metal clip seals are an effective solution used as utility seal for sealing utility meters, like water and gas. Clip seals is made from tinned iron with unique consecutive numeric identification stamped on the seal Optional customization possible.

Metal Security Seals from SealValue EU
Metal Seals from SealValue Europe

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