High-Security Seals for the Agriculture Industry 

Guarding the Harvest

Agriculture is a critical industry that requires the secure transportation of crops and ingredients from the field to the market. SealValue Europe provides a range of tamper-evident seals that help protect these valuable goods from theft and tampering during transportation.

One of the key solutions provided by SealValue Europe is cable seals. These seals are ideal for securing containers, pallets, and other packages containing agricultural goods. They are tamper-evident, making it easy to detect if someone has attempted to tamper with the contents of the package. 

Security Seals Agriculturety

Plastic seals for agriculture

Another type of seal available from SealValue Europe is the plastic seal. These seals are lightweight and durable, making them an ideal choice for securing bags and other packages containing crops or ingredients. They are also tamper-evident, providing added security during transportation.

Wire padlock seals are also available from SealValue Europe and are ideal for securing larger items, such as trailers, cargo containers, and storage containers. These seals are tamper-resistant and provide a high level of security to ensure that agricultural goods are protected from theft and tampering.

SealValue also provides a range of tamper-evident seals that help protect agricultural goods from theft and tampering during transportation. These seals play a critical role in ensuring that crops and ingredients are transported securely from the field to the market, allowing agriculture to continue to grow and produce at a consistent rate.

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