Indicator seals

SealValue™ indicator seals has innovative indicator to monitor goods that require upright handling, providing an indication of any potential mishandling during transit. The patented design ensures that the indicator remains accurate, even during normal handling or random vibrations.

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SealValue™ patented EU manufacturer

Top quality indicator seals, precise tracking technologies, easy-to-use features, unlimited quatities, all by the world’s first fully automated production line.


Indicator seal with 6 weight classes: 15g, 25g, 37g, 50g, 75g, 100g


The best choice if required to remain upright and intact during transportation

Tiltcheck Plus

Shows tilt to the left or right and if the goods have been completely reversed


Sealvalue™ Indicator Seals are perfect solution to secure goods in transportation and storage.

By using our indicator seals, you can reduce the risk of mishandling during transportation or storage, while also providing indisputable evidence of any potential mishandling.

Quality indicator seals leave visible marks to the recipient to inspect the contents before acceptance, promoting accountability throughout the product handling process. In addition, our seals confirm the effectiveness of packaging, identify any potential trouble spots in the supply chain, and help increase the quality of the product from the moment it leaves the production line to when it arrives at its destination.

Invest in the ultimate solution for secure transportation and storage with SHOCKCHECK and TILTCHECK seals. Our seals offer peace of mind and promote a culture of accountability throughout the supply chain. Contact SealValue for more details.