Self adhesive labels each contain a vial designed to break relative to the color coded range. Once damage occurs the vial breaks instantaneously releasing a red dye that will clearly indicate to the receiving party that poor handling has occurred.

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Key features

Highest quality standards for Indicator seals

  • Highly-visible device that will activate when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level
  • Turning into red from white when activated
  • Easy to use application
  • Available in six sensitivities, indicated by a unique color of the label
  • Selection of sensitivity depends on the size (length * width * height) and the weight of the goods
  • Sticker label affixed to the outside of the cargo box
shockcheck seals by Sealvalue

Shockcheck seal indicator color changes on impact

Industries that commonly utilize versatile shockcheck indicators

– Automotive
– Precision components
– Electrical goods
– Defense packaging
– Science & Medical
– Furniture and Home wares
– Media
– Export Case making and Export packing


Sensitivity range15g, 25g, 37g, 50g, 75g, 100g
Duration0,5ms – 50ms
Operating temperature-25°C to 80°C
Security optionsTamperproof
Serialized (optional)
Shelf life2 years when stored at standard temperature and pressure (20°C, 1 ATM)
CertificateDownload PDF


Size96.52 x 96.52 mm


PackagePacked in mats of 2 pcs and in boxes of 100 pcs
Box size20.5 x 12.5 x 12 cm
Box gross weight0.390 kg
Customs code3926909790

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