Plastic Seals has wide range of use-cases & they are easy to personalize

Plastic seals manufactured by SealValue can be multiple types

Pull-through, pull-tight, tail, twist, wire indicative security seals which offer high quality and a low-cost solutions for a wide range of security and tamper-evident sealing applications. Plastic seals are versatile and cost-effective method of securing shipments as they can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes to fulfill your sealing requirements. 


Most plastic security seals are only used once and are useful in detecting tampering or attempted tampering with shipments. Container Seals of this type are more flexible than steel and wire Seals. Large variety of plastic seals are available for Plastic Truck Seals and Container Seals.

Tamper evident plastic seals are used to check the integrity of protected objects when the security seal is permanently broken and cannot be reattached to the protected object without being observed when they are tampered with for fraudulent purposes. Plastic seals are security market products that have a plastic body and a plastic sealing system.

What are the most common plastic seals types?

Variable length plastic seals can be used for a variety of tasks, including securing the neck of a bag or mail sack, as well as sealing chemical drums, first aid kits, online-sold fashion items for trying on before returning, fire extinguishers, car fuel tanks, and any other object requiring tamper evident access.

Fixed-length plastic seals are more tamper resistant than variable-length seals. Lock has a simply ‘click’ mechanism, making them easier to fit than variable-length seals. For transport purposes, a fixed length tamper evident seal is frequently used as a single-use security solution.

Pull-up security seals is a disposable tamper-evident security seal that prevents unauthorized access to closed items. In circumstances where the employment of more sophisticated security seals is required, the tightening security seal is required.

Plastic seals with wire are security seals made in one of two styles: adjustable length and fixed length with metal wire attached to the plastic lock.

Padlock plastic seals are typically supplied as a basic padlock seal look-alike made entirely of plastic. They are technically categorized as a security seal with a defined length. The security sealing of the airline’s food carts and duty free carts for tamper obvious action on protected commodities will be the primary use of this category of security seals.

Plastic meter seals are used to seal electricity & gas meters, water meters, as well in a variety of other industrial metering applications.  Twister seals are anchor seals are among the numerous varieties we provide, each with its own set of benefits and applications. To prohibit access to safety-critical valves and connectors, our connection locks can be used in conjunction with our meter seals.

SealValue twist meter seals are used to seal electricity meters installed by Eesti Energia in Estonia.

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