Residue security labels

In use-cases where the secure container or object being secured will not be reused, such as throwaway packaging, residue security labels are commonly employed. The residue labels are single-use products. Application: Suitable to be used on paper, carton and envelopes.

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Key features

Highest quality standards for Security Labels

  • Traces of prints or patterns are totally transferred to substrates when the label is removed
  • Excellent tamper evident performance and leaving residue on the affixed surface
  • Liner White double PE single silicone glassine paper
  • Carrying material: PET
  • “OPEN VOID” text appears on seal when opened and residue is left on sealed surface

How to apply residue security labels?

When applying tamper-evident labels, it is essential to follow proper surface preparation. Ensure that the surfaces to be bonded are dry, free from dust, and grease-free. Thoroughly clean the surfaces for optimal results. Avoid touching the exposed adhesive surface of the security label, as this can impair its performance.

The adhesive used on tamper-evident labels is pressure-sensitive, making it crucial to apply sufficient and even pressure across the entire surface. This ensures the best bonding results for your security labels.


ApplicationPaper, carton, envelope
Void temperature-10°C ~ +40°C
Recommended operating temperature+10°C ~ +35°C
Relative humidity55% +/-10%
MarkingCustomer logo/text/serial number
Barcoding on special white patch available
Void messageOPEN VOID
StorageIn plastic bags, avoiding direct sunlight
Material certificateDownload PDF


Colors availableRed
Thermotransfer printing colorBlack or white


Size60 x 20mm
52 x 20mm + 20 x 20mm
100 x 30mm


PackageRolls of 1.000 pcs packed in vacuum bags
Customs code39199080

Security labels roll

security labels roll